About Us

Vfib is an attempt to document the music of our favorite artists. To shine a light on a group of musicians possessing extraordinary songwriting talents along with an almost self-destructive lack of business acumen. The kind of people who write and record songs for themselves, with only a faint hope anyone else will pay attention. The kind of people who would rather work on the next song than make an effort that the last song be heard. Our hope is that you will love this music as much as we do. Maybe by pulling these artists together, the volume and quality of the work will demand it be heard.

The Vfib comps are given to you (as in FREE) in an effort to get the music out to as many people as possible. To us, this music is priceless and we get more satisfaction from turning people onto these bands than from charging a dollar a download. But, these bands deserve to be paid. Please support them by buying their full-length releases, going to their shows when they come through your town, and tell your friends to do the same.

In an additional effort to get these musicians paid, we have created Vfib Publishing. Each band has joined together to create a community of artists who share the financial gain of any income generated by placing their songs in movies, commercials, etc. In this writer/artist co-op, when a song is placed, half of the money generated will go to the writer of the song, the other half will go into the co-op to be divided evenly among all members. Sort of an Indie Rock retirement fund.

Our hope is that you will support these bands by investing your time and heart. Please sign up on the mailing list so we can let you know about new releases, tour schedules and all things Vfib.

Thanks for paying attention. Now, spread the word.